Feminism, Impasse, and the Redemption of Hugo Schwyzer by Cynthia Garrity-Bond

Funny how Hugo Schwyzer turned out to be a predator after all, was still fucking his students, never ever even tried making up for his actions in order to be remotely redeemable, and that Cynthia Garrity-Brown and the rest of the staff of Feminism and Religion didn’t even admit they made a BIG fuckup here much less apologized.

In Constance FitzGerald’s article Impasse and Dark Night,* she draws from sixteenth century Spanish mystic and reformer St. John of the Cross-and his Dark Night of the Soul.  FitzGerald moves from the individual’s experience of impasse to a larger societal impasse.  By impasse she means those experiences that bring life as you know it to a stand still, where every attempt of extracting the self from suffering is a lost cause. In what is known as the principles of  “first order change”—reason, logic, analysis, and planning, do not work to move the self forward and out of impasse. In other words, the skill set you have come to rely upon to move you out of the grip of darkness no longer works.

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