Magic: Buche de Noël

IMG_6146.JPGBuche de Noël is a traditional French pastry/cake for the season of Christmas.  It usually consists of cake and frosting rolled together into a wheel or a log, which is then decorated with ‘mushrooms’ made out of meringue, white chocolate bark made to look like birch bark, whorls of chocolate frosting to look like the interior of the log, sugar plums, and sugared rosemary. They’re beautiful.  Ours was made by a local bakery, and we served it at our open house a week ago.  About fifty people tromped through our house for food, drink, conversation, and merry-making… and this was the centerpiece that we sliced up and served before the party finally broke up… nearly four hours after its nominal ending time.  It’s been a year since we moved, and it’s feeling like home, more and more.

At this time of the year, it’s hard to know…

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