Now that Canonical Ltd sold its soul

Ubuntu Wants To Collect Data About Your System-Starting From 18.04 LTS.

I put less blame on Microsoft’s influence, and more on the fact that it is now a publicly traded company, there’s little or no reason to believe they’ll back out of it now now that it is investors and future buyer that they answer to.

I’m also sure that someone out there somewhere will claim all these new batches of criticism against Canonical and Ubuntu Linux is just “FUD”, because no one remembers what FUD really means anymore & the context and history that it came about, and belief in the Social Geek Fallacies because a few too many Open Source and Free Software advocates think Criticism is Oppression.

Right now I just hope that the people working on NON-official Ubuntu derivative distros do the right thing and protect their users. I am, personally, very disappointed in this because I was looking forward to an official release of Lubuntu Next LXQT version that was not Alpha or Beta, but I guess I will have to look into other Linux distributions that use that Desktop Environment after all.

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