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The internet has pioneered the way for modern reviewers in the past decade, and no site has been the Moses leading the charge for others to follow in its footsteps than that of Channel Awesome. Since 2008 the site, headed by Doug Walker, Robert Walker and Mike Michaud has been the inspiration for many online reviewers, including myself at one point in time, to lend their voices on all types of media like movies, comics, video games and television. Many aspired to join the team thinking it was a utopia for reviewers to meet each-other and share their opinions in peace. But on April 2nd, 2018, 40 former contributors of the site came together on Twitter to release an 87 page document entitled “Not So Awesome” (Link Bellow). It went into great details from many eyewitnesses during the early years of the website about the unprofessional abuse the content creators…

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