On Taurus

Anamchara Astrology

The Sun is now well into Taurus! So put on your sweatpants, grab a pint and a pizza, and settle in as we explore the meaning behind one of everyone’s favorite signs.

The three keys to understanding any sign are its element, its modality, and the planets that have dignity or debility there. Taurus is an earth sign, a fixed sign, and is the domicile of Venus, the exalted seat of the Moon, and the detriment of Mars. The fertile environment of Taurus is made so by its fixity and earthiness, as well as by the planets that have the most dignity here: Venus and the Moon. Venus rules Taurus; it is her nocturnal house, where she retires to re-energize for her work.

Comfort, luxury, pleasure, indulgence are the name of the game for planets expressing their energies through Taurus; their agenda is set by Venus and all of her…

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Big Revolutionary Man Doesn’t Need Your “Criticism”

Worker's Spatula


THE INTERNET, RIGHT NOW – Enquiring if “you even know who I am and what sort of work I do???”, and “what do you do, except leave meaningless attacks on everyone not up to your puritanical standards on web forums???” a white cishet man from the oppressor nation background in an imperialist country criticised for his unexamined privilege positively exploded today at how unreasonable some people can be.

Having patronisingly ignored all polite attempts to correct his behaviour, he responded to harsher criticism by policing the tone of his critics and launching into a tirade about how much more of a serious revolutionary he is than “you people”, presumably everyone.

“While you’re all throwing around made-up words like ‘labour aristocracy’ and ‘privilege’ and ‘revisionism’ and other student left terms, I’m doing serious revolutionary work and reading Lenin and Mao,” screamed the important man in all caps. “If I need your…

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KPFK’s “Indy Media on Air” Brings Fascism to the Airwaves — Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice (CPRSJ)

by Javier Sethness The red-brown convergence, or the seemingly puzzling political alliance between far-left (red) and far-right (brown), is a serious and worsening problem around the world—evermore so since Donald Trump’s election and inauguration. Beyond the divisions between authoritarian and libertarian socialism on the left, both authoritarian and anti-authoritarian socialist traditions share with fascism an […]

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The Continuing Proof of the Efficacy of Anti-Psychotics — Mind You

By Marvin Ross Despite the protestation from the anti-psychiatry advocates, medication for schizophrenia works and another study has just been published to support that position. A new study based on a nationwide data of all patients hospitalized for schizophrenia in Finland from 1972 to 2014 found that the lowest risk of rehospitalization or death was […]

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Imperial Theatrics in Syria: Where Is Justice for Syrians?

Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice (CPRSJ)

By Javier Sethness, for the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice

Douma Reuters Douma, Eastern Ghouta (File: Reuters)

On Friday evening, 13 April, U.S. President Donald Trump announced the commencement of joint U.S. missile and air strikes with France and the U.K. against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in response to the Syrian military’s alleged use of chemical weapons during the siege of Douma on April 7th. This chemical attack on Douma has reportedly taken the lives of more than forty people and, according to the Syrian-American Medical Society, at least five hundred others have presented with symptoms consistent with exposure to chemical weapons—likely chlorine and possibly also sarin. The Douma gas massacre, for which Assad is clearly responsible, represents the culmination of the regime’s long siege of the rebel-held Damascus suburb, a campaign which began in 2013, aimed at retaking control of the whole of Eastern Ghouta. During…

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The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots

Leila's blog

DavOd8fWkAA2loL Cartoon criticizing selective outrage which only applies to chemical attacks, by Yaser

Once more the western ‘anti-war’ movement has awoken to mobilise around Syria. This is the third time since 2011. The first was when Obama contemplated striking the Syrian regime’s military capability (but didn’t) following chemical attacks on the Ghouta in 2013, considered a ‘red line’. The second time was when Donald Trump ordered a strike which hit an empty regime military base in response to chemical attacks on Khan Sheikhoun in 2017. And today, as the US, UK and France take limited military action (targeted strikes on regime military assets and chemical weapons facilities) following a chemical weapons attack in Douma which killed at least 34 people, including many children who were sheltering in basements from bombing.

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A Syria for All Its People — Two Books on an Unnecessary War — The Intercept

On Friday night, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom launched strikes against military targets in Syria to punish Bashar al-Assad’s regime for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend. The United States and its allies have been bombing Syria since 2014 as part of a military campaign against the Islamic State, but Friday’s attack marked only the second instance…

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Oppose US bombing of Syria; Oppose ALL bombing of Syria!


A photo of Damascus under US bombardment. This photo appeared in the Assad-controlled press, so we should be careful in assuming it’s accurate, although it may well be.

Trump has launched his second attack on the Syrian government, this time by reportedly bombing chemical weapons facilities, including a chemical research facility. (We say “reportedly” because we don’t know for sure exactly what the US missiles attacked.)

We have to be clear what the aims as well as the constraints are: The aim is not to overthrow the Assad regime. US Secretary of “Defense” James Mattis made this clear. He saidRight now this is a one-time shot and I believe it has sent a very strong message to dissuade him, to deter him from doing it (chemical weapons attack) again.” So, Mattis, Trump and US imperialism in general have no objection to Assad’s murderous assault on the people of…

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Two positions in Coptic magic at Würzburg — AncientEsotericism.org :: Network for the Study of Esotericism in Antiquity

Two Five-year Positions: Study of Coptic Magic (doctoral and post-doctoral) As part of the new Excellent Ideas programme, the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg is pleased to announce two vacancies within the Department of Egyptology: – 1 postdoctoral researcher (TV-L E13 100%; initial monthly salary min. 3,672.02 EUR before tax) – 1 doctoral assistant (TV-L E13 50%; initial […]

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John Halstead openly agrees with bigots to bash Neopagans for not catering to Respectability Politics

Halstead, a writer for Gods and Radicals, whom its safe to say fits in pretty damn well with the growing gentrifying assholes in my city who look down at the rest of us freaks actually went as so to quote from an “unamed informant” from a Conservative blog AND agreed with them that

In a world of moral and philosophical relativism there are no depths but only surface. You are expected to make peace with meaninglessness, to abide all shifting sands, to justify all narcissism, and to accept all depravity

“accept all depravity”-that’s code for taking a knock at feminism and the LGBTQ community in Neopagandom. Which Halstead used as a way of reinforcing his arguments to complain about how the Pagan community isn’t respectable enough and are just a bunch of terrible people.

He follows it up with this vomit-

Maybe, just maybe, this is the real reason Wiccans and Pagans aren’t taken seriously.

Fuck this guy, I can’t wait until finally realizes that he can’t make people to be exactly like him and go back to some Conservative form of Christianity, because at least that’d be honest.




Review | Carmen Astrologicum of Dorotheus – Ben Dykes Translation — Seven Stars Astrology

The Song of Astrology 2017 saw the publication of a new translation of one of the oldest and most important texts from the Hellenistic period of astrology. Carmen Astrologicum (song of astrology) is the name given to the five books of Greek verse written by Dorotheus in the late 1st or early 2nd century CE.…

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Humourless Marxist Reviews – Rolling Blackouts C.F. (French Press)

Worker's Spatula


Following the Melbourne outfit’s recent release of a song about the refugee crisis, Worker’s Spatula’s local correspondent was immediately dispatched to be the first person to listen to an entire EP of music by this white Australian hipster band stone cold bloody sober.

Furthermore, the fact that their 2016 release Talk Tight mocks a bourgeois white Australian man who abandons his past life of fighting the bourgeoisie in favour of careerism boded extremely well for the listening session. Could it be that Worker’s Spatula have finally stumbled upon an indie rock band for the post-2008 crisis era, an era of renewed imperialist contradictions and class struggle?

It is true that like every rock recording carried out in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area, the basic message of French Press is that life under capitalism-imperialism is inherently alienating. But do the Rolling Blackouts C.F. embrace the historical Gramscian mission that Australian…

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‘What we believe in waits latent forever through all the continents’: The Paris Commune and the Poetics of Martyrdom in the Fin de Siècle Socialist Print Culture — Salvage

by Owen Holland. On 30 November 2016, Le Monde, and several other French newspapers, reported that the National Assembly had voted posthumously to rehabilitate the victims of the repression of the Paris Commune. Jean-Marie Le Guen, the Minister of State for Relations with Parliament, supported a text that ‘promotes the transmission of the memory’ of…

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Debating the pro-Assad “Left” — oaklandsocialist

I had an online debate with a long time former friend and comrade about Assad and Syria. Important enough as the issue of the disaster in Syria is, there’s a deeper issue too: In following the simplistic conspiracist theories like those of Michael Chussodovsky (quoted below), socialists and others have completely lost their way; they […]

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A quote from a terrible and overrated novel

Years ago I tried reading Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and hating it, finding it to be unintentionally pretty creepy-why would a 40 year old man be sending a nearly 15 year old girl lots of weird letters out of nowhere, and why didn’t she tell her parents some stranger she didn’t know was sending her unsolicited mail, demanding that she meet with him secret? SOUNDS LEGIT TO ME.

Recently I searched for critical reviews and they do exist, I just wish more were on blogging accounts than just GoodReads and Amazon. One that was semi-critical I won’t link to but they did quote a part of the book that brings back memories, I always hated it-

Where does the world come from?
She hadn’t the faintest idea. Sophie knew that the world was only a small planet in space. But where did space come from?

So is the author implying that the educational institutions of Norway aren’t teaching their kids science? Like they never discuss the Big Bang, the formation of our Solar System, the history of this rock that we live on? MAYBE Astrophysics needs more Philosophy but you’d think that a character with an Middle Class educated background in a country w/higher and better educational standards than mine would have taken at least a few Science classes and knew how to check out books from a library or something.

And yes, I know, there’s still TONS of unanswered questions about the origins of the Universe, but at least Sophie would have had to have been aware of the origins of our Galaxy and Solar System.

I might order a used copy of it just for the sake of giving it a new hate read.